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You could get a free solar panels installed at absolutely no cost if your roof is suitable.

You can also use our link service to contact the registered installers in your area directly.

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Grants and Schemes are available for Solar Systems;

see if you qualify.

Grants & Schemes for Solar Thermal (Hot Water) & PV (Electricity) including systems that can be installed totally free.

Grants and Schemes are available for both solar hot water and pv systems;

You could install PV and get free electricity as well as an income under the governments FIT (feed in tariff) scheme or get systems installed totally free of charge and enjoy free electricity for life!


Solar Thermal

install solar thermal and enjoy free hot water (and an income under the RHI scheme).


Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

Solar pv generates electricity which you can either use or sell to the electricity companies.

Schemes are available to enable you to generate free electricity and get a generous income from the electricity you sell or alternatively,  the electricity that is sold back to the grid is used to pay for the system. Please contact us for full details and we can help you identify which system is best for you.

We can arrange all aspects from identifying and securing your grant to arranging for the installation by a top local approved installer


FREE Solar Systems


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The schemes are available to owner occupiers (including mortgage payers) as well as tenants although you would require the landlords permission.

You do not have to receive benefits to qualify.

Please contact us for full details.

Grants and schemes are available in most areas throughout the country, we can send you more information or arrange it all for you,. Just complete your details on the right and we'll check and see what 's available in your area.

You#ll receive a fast response and details are usually forwarded to you the same day.


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Grants & Schemes for:

Free Boilers

Free Heating Systems

Free Solar Panels

Free Loft Insulation

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Free Solid Wall Insulation

Free Biomass Heating

Subsidised Insulation

Subsidised Heating

Reduced Cost Gas & Electricity

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