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We currently have access to funding for the following improvements; qualification is now based on your property, not your age or income.

As long as you either own your own home (includes mortgage payers), or are a private tenant you will qualify for grant of up to 100% for the following improvements.

Cavity Wall Insulation - Free for all householders

Loft Insulation - Grants up to 100%

Solid Wall Insulation - Grants up to 100%

Replacement Boilers - Grants up to 100%

Feed in Tariffs for the following: (May require the purchase of the equipment which could be financed)

Renewable heating including:

Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers

Solar PV (Electricity Generation)

Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Contact us now for full details, to arrange a free survey and to get the improvements carried out quickly.


We can also provide details of the installers in your area who are approved to carry out the work for you so you can contact them directly if you prefer.

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You could get a new high efficiency boiler installed FREE if you live in the Woking area.

Schemes are available throughout Woking and the surrounding area.

If your existing boiler is old, has broken down or even if it has an intermittent fault, you could now get it replaced free with a grant of up to 100% of the cost.


High Efficiency Boilers Save Money

You could reduce your fuel bills by up to 35% by installing a new high efficiency boiler.

New boilers burn less fuel than older boilers, they can heat your home quicker and make it more comfortable for you and your family.


Types of Boilers

There are different types of boilers available under the numerous schemes that are available in the Woking area, you can choose the type of boiler you want as well as the manufacturer and installer ensuring you get the best one for you.


Conventional Boilers: - With a hot water cylinder.


System Boilers: - A sealed system that allows for the cold water tanks (often in the loft), to be removed but retains a hot water cylinder.


Combination (Combi) Boilers: - No hot water tank required, provides instantaneous hot water when you need it.



Installation is usually quick and easy and could be completed the same day, they are installed by specially approved installers located throughout the country.


New boilers installed under the scheme often come with extended guarantees that could be up to 10 years.


You can also choose an installer if you have a preference.


Will it be totally free?

Under the scheme, applicants must be receiving certain benefits to qualify, the amount available may also depend upon your home, your existing boiler and how energy efficient it is.

Different installers often have access to different funding levels and may charge less for the same installation, we have access to numerous schemes and installers and can help ensure you get the very best offer available.


Please contact us for full details.


How long does it take?

Because we have access to different schemes and different installers located throughout the Woking area, we can often find available funding and an installer who is able to install your new boiler for you promptly and in the quickest possible time, for this reason, getting your new boiler can be extremely quick and very straight forward.

Free Boilers are available to householders in the Woking area who receive certain benefits.


Available to householders with old or broken boilers


Funding levels can vary depending on property type and existing boiler.


Schemes are available to owner occupiers (including mortgage payers) and private tenants throughout the Woking area as recently advertised in the press and on national television.

Free Boilers

Available to householders in the Woking Area.

Contact us now and you could get it installed quickly and at a time convenient to you.

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes offer householders fast and easy access to government baced grant schemes for energy efficiency improvements.

e-mail: info@grantschemes.co.uk

Free-phone: 0800 772 0450