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You could get a free boiler worth up to £2500 if you live in the Woking area.

You can also use our link service to contact the registered installers in your area directly.

See if you qualify, it's quick and easy.

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Woking Area

Free Boilers in Woking and the Surrounding Area.

Grants of up to 100% are currently available throughout the Woking area for gas boilers for householders who receive certain benefits.


A new high efficiency boiler could reduce your fuel bills by up to 35%, a new boiler can also provide peace ofImage of a typical boiler that is available under the Woking Free Boiler Scheme. mind during the cold of winter and with ever escalating fuel prices.


You could get a new boiler if:

Your existing boiler is broken

Your existing boiler is old

Your existing boiler has intermittent faults or is proving unreliable


UK Grant Schemes can help householders throughout the country get a new boiler quickly and easily, our new Installer Link service can let you get in touch directly with the approved installers in your area, you can then contact them directly and find out when they could do a survey for you, what types of boilers they are able to offer and the guarantees they have in place.


We also work  with installers authorised to carry out replacements under the scheme and can arrange it for you if you prefer. Contact us by email or telephone and we can often arrange immediate surveys at your convenience.


About the Scheme

The scheme is available providing you either own or rent your home from a private landlord, i(t is also available to some shared ownership properties), are receiving certain benefits and your existing boiler is classified as inefficient. We find that most boilers over 8 - 10 years old will normally qualify. We can confirm your and your boilers eligibility if you are unsure.

Qualifying Benefits*

You or your partner need to be receiving certain benefits to qualify, these benefits are listed below, please contact us or your chosen installer if clarification is required.



Eligible benefits. (Any one or more).

Pension Credit

Child tax credit and have a household income of £15,860 or less.

The above are stand alone benefit eligibility, no other qualification required.


Householders who receive any of the following benefits will also require a secondary element as detailed below each benefit, as above only one or more required.

Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance and any of the following apply:

(i) Receiving a work-related activity or support component; or

(ii) Has parental responsibility for a qualifying child; or

(iii) Is in receipt of a qualifying component;

Income-based job seeker’s allowance and:

(i) Has parental responsibility for a qualifying child; or

(ii) Is in receipt of a qualifying component;

Income support and:

(i) Has parental responsibility for a qualifying child; or

(ii) Is in receipt of a qualifying component; or

Working tax credit and has a relevant income of £15,860 or less and—

(i) Has parental responsibility for a qualifying child; or

(ii) Is in receipt of a disabled worker element or severe disability element; or

(iii) Is aged 60 years or over


Qualifying child means, in relation to a person in receipt of an allowance, income support or working tax credit, a child who ordinarily resides with that person and who—

(i) is under the age of 16; or

(ii) is 16 or over but under the age of 20 and in full-time education (other than higher education within the meaning of section 579(1) of the Education Act 1996(7));

Qualifying component means—

(i) child tax credit which includes a disability or severe disability element;

(ii) a disabled child premium;

(iii) a disability premium, enhanced disability premium or severe disability premium; or

(iv) a pensioner premium, higher pensioner premium or enhanced pensioner premium;

(c)“parental responsibility” has the same meaning as in section 3 of the Children Act 1989(8).

How to get your free boiler.

To get your boiler you MUST have a survey carried out and an application completed, this is usually by the installer who will carry out the work for you.

We provide a direct link to installers in your area who are authorised to carry out the work for you. (please see the link at the top of the page).


They will carry out a survey and confirm if the grant will cover the full cost.


Please note: the scheme is designed to replace like for like, although you may be offered a choice of boilers from different installers, most installers could offer different systems (for example Combination or Combi boilers although you may have to contribute towards the cost.

To get your new boiler quicker we can arrange for up to 3 local, approved installers to contact you and provide full details of what they can do the which boiler they could install for you.

We also send you their full contact details and a reference so you can track your application.


To get further information "Click Here"



For most householders the grant will cover the full cost; (this will have been confirmed by the engineer; the grant is paid directly to the installer so you will not normally have to pay any money at any time.


Our service is also free to you as we too are paid under the scheme.


We can also advise you about other grants and schemes available as well as details of schemes like reduced rate electricity and gas that is also available to householders who receive certain benefits and insulation improvements which are also usually free as well.


Free Boiler Grants and Schemes are also available in most other areas of the country in addition to Woking, we can send you more information or arrange it all for you; just click the link and complete your details, we will also send you contact details of the installers in your area and a reference number so you can track the process of your application.

We guarantee a fast response; details are usually forwarded to you the very same day.


Contact us now before the schemes change or are restricted;

Apply "Here"

Different Types of Boilers

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers utilise a storage tank to supply hot water. The water is heated via a heat exchanger and can supply gallons of hot water at one time. Once the stored hot water runs out, there may be a delay in supply as the tank refills and the water is re-heated.

Conventional boilers tend to require more space than combination boilers as the hot water cylinder requires connection with a cold water storage tank that will typically be placed in the loft. This also means that installation is often more complicated than with a combination boiler.

Older models of conventional boilers tended to be less energy efficient, but advances have been made and newer models can be adjusted to match the specific heating requirements of your home.

There is a huge range of conventional boilers available including very compact systems that can easily be fitted into most modern kitchens.


A conventional boiler system can have two water tanks in the loft, a large 'cold water storage tank' and a small 'feed and expansion tank'. The 'cold water storage tank' draws water from the cold water mains to refill.

Water from the storage tank feeds cold water down to the cylinder (normally in the airing cupboard). The condensing central heating boiler will heat the cylinder, this then enables the cylinder to release gallons of hot water to taps throughout the house. A pump will also circulate hot water via the pipes to the radiators.


The benefits

Faster flow rates than a combination boiler.

Multiple tap operation.

Use of an airing cupboard.

Backup electrical hot water heating via immersion.

Heating and hot water together.

Solar compatible.

Things to consider

You will need space for a large water tank in your loft.

It will take time for the water to heat up.

You'll have limited amount of hot water - as it takes time to re-fill and heat.


Combination Boilers

Combination boilers, or “combi” boilers, supply water directly from the mains without the need for a storage tank. Combination boilers supply hot water on demand or “instantaneously” in unlimited supply.

Combination boilers are ideal for smaller properties where space is at a premium and are typically more suitable to properties with just one bathroom.

Combi boilers also provide water at mains pressure, meaning you can enjoy a strong, hot shower without the need for an additional shower pump, this is of course providing there is adequate “pressure” and “flow” of water at your home. If you are considering converting from a conventional boiler to a combi system you engineer will be able to check and make sure this type of system is suitable for your home.

Combination boilers include modern, state of the art technologies including fully condensing and ECO modes, both of which improve your control over water heating by maintaining boiler temperature whilst in standby mode.


System Boilers

A system boiler heats your central heating system directly and produces hot water for your cylinder.


A system boiler, just like a regular (conventional) boiler works on the principle of stored hot water. However, a system boiler differs from a regular boiler in some important respects.


Firstly, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built into a system boiler, which means that installation is quicker, neater, easier and more efficient.


Secondly, the hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern.


Alternative Funding

If You do not receive the benefits listed above or your existing boiler does not qualify, you could still improve your heating system with little or even no upfront cost, Cash backs are also available to all householders and even businesses.

The alternative scheme will assess your existing heating system and identify if realistic savings could be made, the scheme could then provide you with a grant to cover up to 100% of the cost of the improvements which is then re-paid by the anticipated savings that are made on your fuel bills.

This is a real alternative if you a real alternative if you need or are looking for a new boiler.

Access to the funding is usually easier and credits checks less stringent than typical loans.


Please contact us for full information.



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