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Grants and schemes are currently available for energy efficiency improvements.

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Grant Schemes Now Available for Home Energy Efficiency Improvements.

Grant Schemes are now available to all householders for energy efficiency improvements including free boilers, free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation; apply now and look forward to a warmer, more energy efficient home with lower fuel bills.


Grant schemes have been available for many years to encourage us to use less energy, be kinder to the environment and reduce our fuel bills.


These grant schemes have recently been extended to cover more improvements and enable all householders to improve the energy efficiency of their homes with either a grant that covers the full cost or by making funding available to pay for the improvements with the cost being recouped by the savings made.


Making your home more  energy efficient could reduce your fuel bills by over 50% by utilising the latest energy efficient heating systems and insulation products now readily available. The  carbon savings achieved can be equally as impressive helping the environment as well as helping to preserve the worlds' resources as well.


Free Assessments


We can offer free energy efficiency assessments to initially identify what may be available and the amount of envisaged savings, this enables you to make an informed decision as to whether the grants and schemes available would be suitable for you and provide realistic, achievable savings.


For more information contact us using the form provided, we are totally independent and can provide information on most schemes available throughout the country.


Please note: the Grant Schemes available may vary within certain areas and may be subject to the availability of funding.


Grants & schemes are available in most areas throughout the country, qualification can vary but you do not necessarily have to be receiving benefits to qualify.


We can provide full details about the grants and offer free  assessments throughout most areas of the country. Grant approval and installation times being extremely fast for most householders and improvement types.


Installations are generally carried out very quickly and at you convenience, we also have a priority fast track application service for most improvements and have access to all installers  approved under the various schemes.


Grants are usually paid directly to the installer upon completion of the work to your satisfaction, this means that applicants will not usually have to pay any money at any time where the grant covers the full cost.


Find out what you're entitled to; please contact us for full information.



Grants & Schemes for:

Free Boilers

Free Heating Systems

Free Solar Panels

Free Loft Insulation

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Free Solid Wall Insulation

Free Biomass Heating

Subsidised Insulation

Subsidised Heating

Reduced Cost Gas & Electricity

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